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No-Stress Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

When the weather is nice, don't entertain indoors – move the party outside and let your guests enjoy the fresh air! Your own backyard is a great place for outdoor entertaining and will be an instant success when using products offered through Backyard Obsession.

A Great Outdoor Party Solution ~ Use A Colorful Serving Theme

Having a backyard party is always great and let's face it, extremely convenient as well! A party with a colorful theme, decorated chairs and tables grouped together with a few festive lights suddenly becomes an inviting place and offers your guests various areas to relax and socialize with one another. We offer a wonderful selection of colorful outdoor entertaining serving products with summertime color themes!

  • Divided dishes for entertaining - flip flop ceramic dishesUse our Flip Flop Ceramic Divided Dish on the pool-side bar to hold cut lemon wedges, lime wedges and olives for summer drinks without having to worry about the juices mixing. Or simply fill with candy and nuts placing them around the backyard for your guests to snack on as they gather to talk.

  • Make a cool glass of lemonade or ice tea readily available to guests with our Party Beverage Dispenser

  • Protect food from outdoor pests with our colorful Picnic Theme Food Tents

  • Offer guests an assortment of different dips all conveniently surrounded by chips or crackers in our Individual Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowls


Ice buckets with tops and metal scoop - your choice of colorHelp Keep Guests Cool Outdoors

Not everyone likes hanging out in the sun or lounging in a pool, so if it's a sunny, warm day, it's important to provide guests with a cool place where they can retreat. A large canopy or tent, or even some oversized beach umbrellas can create a breezy, shady spot where guests can mingle.

Also be sure to have plenty of ice available to keep drinks nice and refreshed. Try spreading a few of our Metal Ice Buckets throughout the backyard – they come in some of the summers hottest colors and can provide a great convenience to guests!

Children at the outdoor affair? No problem. Backyard Obsession offers great ideas for entertaining kids outdoors!

  • Our Dripstik is great on those hot summer days. Offered as a set of 4 in the summers hottest colors, they keep frozen treats or ice cream from dripping all over the kids, and fun to use too.

  • Our French Fry Cones are a wonderful idea to keep the fries all in one place. Since kids never seem to sit still when outdoors, add some colorful wax paper liners and fill with chicken nuggets for a portable and unbreakable solution.

  • Try our Aqua Notes or Aqua Fun Maze or Word Search waterproof pads for pool side entertainment.

Classic Evening Outdoor Party Ideas

Bring indoor furniture outside for a more comfortable, cozy type of atmosphere. Backyard Obsession offers the perfect complements to such a classical theme like:

Have a pool side cabana? This is a great area for guests to be welcomed and congregate during the party or just to relax. See some of our wonderful cabana décor ideas.

Don't Let The Breeze Hamper Your Outdoor Affair

No matter what the theme of your get-together, outdoor parties can become a big headache if it is windy and plates, tablecloths, and other items keep flying away. Guests will not get to enjoy the overall ambiance of the party if they are constantly chasing things down. Backyard Obsession offers many decorative yet functional products to fit any outdoor party theme like our stackable buffet caddy and colorful Beverage Napkins with Ceramic Holder .

Three tier smoker for your BBQ grillThe Good Ole Fashion Barbecue

A BBQ is always an instant success at any outdoor party. Make sure that you cook a wide variety of different meats to fit all your guests liking, including a vegetarian option this way all guests can enjoy the day.

Backyard obsession offers so many barbecue accessories to make your BBQ party not only easy on the cook, but interesting to your guests.

Make it a Pool Party

We offer so many different pool floats and pool accessories for you to choose from, it's easy to allow guests lounge in the pool (or pamper yourself all season long) with our great selection of pool floats.

  • Place multiple Pool Saddle Floating Seats within the pool and watch your guests mingle as they relax in the coolness of the water and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Place an Aqua Shell Designer Float in the pool for guests that love to lie in the sun's warm rays. It wraps your body in comfort and conforms to your unique shape making it simple to just relax.

  • Whether lying down or sitting up, the lightweight Seabiscuit Designer Float is a wonderful addition to pool time entertaining. Its unique foot rest that can double as a head rest will awaken all of your senses and rejuvenate your spirit.
Clean up after party time of floats, pool toys and pool noodles is a snap after the party is over with our vast selection of outdoor storage ideas like our 3 Float Hanging Rack, Super Noodle House or our versatile pool hooks to allow towels to dry quickly and out of the way.
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